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Welcome to ALSA Thailand's Information Page...

What is ALSA?

ALSA Organization Profile

ALSA Background

                  At present, national border seem to be decreasing in importance, this is due to increasing economic cooperation and the ever increasing tide of globalization created by advances in information technology, which is shrinking the world and increasing global unity.

                  ASEAN is an association of countries, which have grouped together with great strength and unity and have increasing political clout in the world. The creation of AFTA (ASEAN Free Trade Area) will also have wide repercussion on the Thai People and ASEAN.

                  This point to the increasing importance of understanding of the legal systems, laws and social, economic and political situation of different ASEAN member countries, This is so that cooperation in various sectors between ASEAN countries will proceed with understanding, built on a base of friendship fostered between member countries.

                  ASEAN countries cooperate with each other in many sectors, both governmental and private, with activities in economic, social and educational spheres. At the level of the law student, there is an organization by the name of ALSA (ASEAN Law Students Association), which is an association of law students spanning five countries, namely Indonesia, The Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand.

                  ALSA holds a conference every year, with each member country hosting in turn.

Establishment of ALSA

                  The idea of forming an association for law students of ASEAN originated during an Indonesian law students conference. The idea was realized when the first ASEAN Law Students Conference in 1989 was held in Jakarta. At this conference, The ASEAN Law Students' Association was established.

                  Thailand has sent representatives to ALSAs annual conference since the second conference (except for the third conference) but not in great numbers. Thailands role in ALSA has been very small compared to other member countries, except for ALSAs 7th annual conference, for which Thailand was host.

                     After Chulalongkorn University sent 10 representatives to attend the 10th conference at Kuala Lampur in 1998, ALSA in Thailand made a legal advance once again. On this occasion, the National Committee of ALSA Thailand was established in order to take responsibility for administrative tasks.

The Significance of ALSA

                  ALSA is important for several reasons. Firstly it is very convenient avenue through which law students of the region can find out about the differing legal systems, legal education systems and culture among other ASEAN countries. Secondly, as economic activity in the region expands, there is a greater need for lawyers to establish contacts with other lawyers, businessmen, and authorities from the neighboring countries and ALSA provides a good starting point for law students to gain useful contacts at the students stage of their careers. Thirdly, ALSA provide invaluable exposure to how different people from different ASEAN members countries works. This is essential in view of the trends for economies in ASEAN to regionalize, which will certainly result in more occasions where local lawyers will have to work with other lawyers. Businessmen, and officer from other parts of the region.


                  ALSA Thailand  can help Thai law students to achieve their professional potential and widen their horizons.


                  1.      To foster better relations and cooperation and to enhance mutual understanding among law students of ASEAN member countries.

                  2.      To help Thai law students better appreciate the different social and economic conditions existing in member countries.

                  3.      To promote the discussion of pertinent legal issues that arises in ASEAN, as well as the exchange of information on the laws, legal system and legal development in ASEAN.

                  4.      To cooperate with international, regional, national, and other organizations.

                   5.      To facilitate exchange programs for law students.

                  6.      To help Thai law students to develop their English knowledge. Especially, technical English relevant to the legal professions.

                  7.      To develop Law students' ability to work in a group or organization.

                  8.      To contribute to the gradual creation at a new generation of leaders in ASEAN imbued with rational values.


                  In carrying out its objectives, ALSA Thailand momentarily consists of two bodies, that is, the committee of Chulalongkorn University and the committee of Assumption University.

                  ALSA's significant duties are to be responsible for the dissemination for pertinent information and activities, as well as cooperating with other, Thai Law schools.

                   It is hoped that, in the near future. other Thai law schools cooperation will lead to their joining ALSA Thailand.


Unbelievably, ALSA has its own song composed by a group of hip-hop musicians. Print it out and practice singing it at home, better alone.              See ALSA Song's Lyric


                  Aside from the annual conference, ALSA also holds many international activities such as legal debates; the first of which was held in Surabaya, Indonesia, at the beginning of 1996, the second debate was herd at the end of 1996 at Kuala Lampur, Malaysia. In the near future, ALSA will organize student exchange programs to provide opportunities for members to ream about each others legal, social, economic and political system.

                  For Thailand itself, besides having sent students to participate in the conference, which is held annually, ALSA Thailand also arranges a national seminar for the purpose of expanding ideas and exchanging knowledge among Thai law students.


                  The student exchange program was held by ALSA Thailand at the end of 1999 for duration of ten days. In this program, students from Thailand, Japan and Singapore had participated.

                  Furthermore, law students from other Thai law schools will be invited to join in as a committee of ALSA Thailand.

                  Having made an enormous effort, ALSA Thailand is looking forward to demonstrating its progress to other member countries.

                  In addition to being host of the 13th ASEAN Law Students Conference (ALSC) in 2001 ALSA Thailand will continuously serve as an agent in order to promote various involving its members nationally and internationally.

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