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Interview With The Vampire Part II

Q: Excuse me, NíGap, would it be all right if I asked you a few question?

Gap: Er...yes, thatís fine ka.

Q: Why did you choose to study in this faculty?

Gap: It seems to me that law is a wide profession offering many choices of career in the future. Moreover, I have dreamed of being a great law professor.

Q: What are extracurricular activities that you have joined?

Gap: Um...I was the MC(master of ceremonies)for Thank Pí Party,member of the first yearís student committee. Besides, I took part in the debate team in the first semester.

Q: We have heard that you were the runner-up of the Freshmenís Debate Competition this year. Our facultyís members are very proud of you...Congratulations!

Gap: Thatís not true. I mean, thanks to Moo, Boy and Sonís hard work, that debate was a great success owing to our teamwork, diligence and concentration.

Q: So, how do you feel about this faculty and those activities?

Gap: I have learnt a lot of precious lessons through activities. I have met with every kind of people and learnt how to deal with them. I learnt how to not let the emotions override me and be reasonable...    






Q: Letís move to some tricky questions... If your name were to appear in the dictionary, how would you define yourself?

Gap: Dynamic, energetic, vigorous woman; would best suit me.

Q: Imagine. If you had three wishes. What would they be?

Gap: Well, I wish to see Thailand is freed from the poverty cycle soon. Next, I feel that the equality of men and women is missing. The principle which regulates the existing social relations between the two sexesóthe legal subordination of one sex to the otheróis wrong in itself, and now one of the chief hindrances to human improvement.And the last one would beÖ happiness for my family and myself.

Q: In a nutshell, what is your philosophy of life?

Gap: I have learned to live each day as it comes, and not to borrow trouble by dreading tomorrow.

 Q: How do you picture your life in the next 10 years?

Gap: I want to be a law instructor with lots of students and try not to be the one who talks in someone else's sleep. The better they understand, the happier I would be.

Q: How do you rank these priorities in your life? Work, family, community, spirituality, money, friends, kids, and yourself (1-8)

Gap: Well, thatís a tough one. If you ask me, 1.myself 7.spiritual.

Is that sounds good?

Q: Yes, itís okay but your future boyfriend might not like it.

Someone said that you are still available.In your opinion, what is the kind of man that you have been waiting and looking for?

Gap: He should be able to get along very well with me, take a great care of me, and be the one who I can talk to whenever I have troubles. At last, he should have a good leadership.

Q: Thanks very much for giving us your time. Do you have anything in mind that you want to share with all our readers?

Gap: I am very glad to see that our facultyís members are so harmonious, helpful and kind like this. I wish to see that we will still stick  together forever...