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Q: Which school did you come from?

Pim: Mater Dei ka…

Q: Why did you decide to enter this law school?

Pim: I tried to get in once when I was a 11th grader. I want to study law because it gives me a wide-ranging knowledge which can be used in my daily life.

Q: How do you feel about being popular?

Pim: I don’t know that I’m, anyway, I’m glad though.

Q: How about participating in faculty’s activities?

Pim: They are fun and also give me an opportunity to be a part of this faculty. And of course, knowing more friends.

Q: What do you do in leisure time?

Pim: Exercising, swimming, drawing, and collecting McDonald’s Happy Meal Toy…

Q: How do you picture yourself in the next 10 years?

Pim: Have a warmly loving family and kids, stable and successful career.

Q: 3 wishes?

Pim: 1.My album get to the top of the music chart.

2.My parents are healthy

3.Everyone on earth is living happily…



Q: What are your favourite artist and food?

Pim: I love Destiny’s Child. And I like Japanese food, especially at Zen.

Q: If you were to find out a bad rumour about you, what would you feel?

Pim: Terrible. I mean, they hardly know anything about me, and judge me prejudicedly. But I wouldn’t do anything about it.

Q: If you were chosen to be one of the’10 Yod Saeb’, what would it be?

Pim: Olive, she is something…

Q: How do you feel of having an album of yourself?

Pim: Not only it’s an extraordinary experience, but it also fun and exciting. I have known lots of people from it.

Q: How did your family feel when you decided to make this album?

Pim: Actually, my mom likes to sing and she likes her kids to sing. So she supported me. I took some singing course,eventually I passed the audition.

Q: Do you view yourself as a shy person?

Pim: Yes, but making this album helps me a lot.

Q: Last but not least, what type of men is likely to attract you most?

Pim: Nice, honest, cheerful, fun to be with, always be himself. I don’t judge them merely from their appearances.

Q: Wanna say something to our reader?

Pim: I would like to see that everybody is always willing to participate in our faculty’s activities, so we would have a great chance to know more about others…