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ASEAN Law Students Association (Thailand)

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ͧͤ: ASEAN Law Students Association (Thailand)
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Newsletter Vol.2

February 2002


Inside this issue:

v    Letter From the Editor          

v    Interviews                              

v    Horoscope

v    Freshmen VS Seniors

v    Many things to think about

v    English practices

v    Men & Women

v    What Is a Kiss? 


If your question is

"is there anything new?"

The answer is absolutely  "Yes".

It's the ALSAs visit to law firm. Each year ALSA holds once or more trips to well-known law firms in Bangkok. Last year, we went to Baker&McKenzie and this year, some of the ALSA members already had a great opportunity to visit Clifford Chance Wirot in August.

But for those who didn't, don't worry because ALSA is going to hold another trip to White&Case, a law firm located at Gaysorn Plaza. Due to the fact that White&Case is a very busy law firm, it hasn't given the exact time it'll be available for our visit. But it's going to be really soon. You can count on that!!

Next, you guys would not believe what we've just found out, ALSA Indonesia will hold a fun and cool study trip this year. Unfortunately, the details still haven't come yet, so just hold on..We'll let you know more as soon as we hear anything.

Last but not least, we have conducted several interviews with some popular students in our faculty which will definitely interest you. Just check it out

P.S. Anyone who wants to write an article in ALSA newsletter, contact

Pui(3)(0-1207-7890),Ling(3)(0-1923-3878)or Jo(2)(0-1659-9779)