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Q: Which school did you come from?

M: Assumption College Thonburi

Q: Why did you decide to enter this law school?

M: I have a relative who works in a law firm, and I also want to earn my living in this field.

Q: How do you feel when you got in this faculty?

M: I thought Everyone would do nothing but study; However, I discovered that it was not like that. Everybody is closely together regardless which year they are.

Q: How do you feel about being popular?

M: Good. I don’t feel any uncomfortable.

Q: What about participating in faculty’s activities?

M: Actually, I haven’t done much…The first time was on Loy Kratong’s Day. I carried ‘Saliang’. I knew lots of people there.

Q: How long have you played basketball?

M: Since M.1

Q: What inspired you to become P’Cheer?

M: I like the way they act, very cool! I put a lot of efforts into this because I want to make sure that it would come out to be the best, especially for the freshmen. It gives me a chance to know more people as well, not to mention the confidence I must have when speaking in the cheer room.

Q: Which activity was the most impressive one for you?

M: Being a P’Cheer. I put all my efforts into it.

Q: What is your pastime hobby?

M: Playing basketball, football and table tennis.

Q: How do you picture yourself in the next 10 years?

M: Working in legal profession, married…once…with 2 kids.

Q: If you had 3 wishes, what would they be?

M: 1. Both of my parents’ healthiness.

2. Be successful in my life and career.

3. ……, two is enough.

Q: If you could have one talented skill, what would it be?

M: Golf or tennis, because they can make me very rich.

Q: What are your favourite artist and food?

M: Tui Teerapat , foods are ‘Kao-ka-moo’ and ‘Rad-na’.

Q: Maybe this is the reason why you have a little-bit-too-fat ass…, sorry though. Well, if you found out a bad rumour about you, how would you feel? And what would you do?

M: I would feel nothing and ignore it.

Q: So far, which event has you fascinated the most?

M: Either the cheer room or having a lot of people cheering me while I’m playing basketball.

Q: If you were chosen to be one of the ’10 Yod Saeb’, what would it be?Why?

M: ‘Kee-kek’. People always tell me this. But all I know is that It’s not pretended.

Q: Do you view yourself as a bashful guy?

M: Yes, especially when I was a kid, but it is getting better nowadays.

Q: At last, do you have anything to say?

M: I really wish that the relationship among students in this new faculty’s building to be the same as we once had. I don’t want to move from the old building, because it is difficult to bring us closely together. Besides, I really don’t want students in this faculty to separate into their own groups. There is only one group, which is lawmen…